K-12 Education

70% of IT Leadership

Understand the importance of addressing digital equity including online learning

62% of School Districts

Own their digital content vs using an open educational resource for students, parents, and faculty

Budget Constraints

Lack of budget and resources continues to be the #1 challenge for IT leadership within school districts

Demand for Budget and Capacity

K-12 school districts are starting to see an increased need for digital content and virtual classrooms. It’s a way to better connect students and teachers when being in a physical classroom isn’t an option. With digital equity as a priority, IT leadership is faced with constraints on technology budgets and network capacity.

Custom Cost-Effective Network Solution

Expanding and improving your school district’s network can help create a successful platform for students to complete classwork online and stay connected. We can help you navigate all of the options and find a custom solution to fit your school district’s needs.