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Our high-performance optical network solutions help light fiber networks across six continents.
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Our commitment to exceptional service has earned us a Net Promoter Score of 89, far above the industry average of 21.2.
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Our dedicated logistics team gets you everything you need, when and where you need it.

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Champion ONE quality lab and transceiver testing

This is Why We're Here

During challenging times, keeping networks up and running reliably and efficiently is an essential task, one we take our modest role in very seriously. Thank you to our customers and essential employees for keeping everyone connected.

Tim Yanda's Work From Home Space

When your office goes remote, is your network ready?

With the rise in remote work opportunities, there becomes a greater demand for network capacity. Is your network prepared to handle the bandwidth?

The need for bandwidth on college campuses

As the demand for campus network capacity grows, it can be a challenge to upgrade while staying in budget and keeping data flowing seamlessly for students.

200G & 400G Transceivers

As featured on Lightwave Online: With demand for network expansion and growth of internet traffic, 200G and 400G transceivers will play a key role for service providers and data centers.

Fiber Optic Network

Our solutions are based on open industry standards, which enables us to offer equal (and often superior) performance at drastically lower prices as compared to closed, proprietary providers. Our focus on disaggregated, open networking is applied across our broad product portfolio, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions that optimize your network now, and support future network scalability and evolving technology.

Our rigorous quality control processes ensure seamless integration with leading network platforms, including Cisco, Juniper, Ciena, Extreme Networks, and more.

Health Care

Expand your fiber capacity to deliver cutting-edge telehealth services and improve patient experience.

Service Providers

From the core to the last mile, ensure your customers receive the reliable high-speed connectivity they demand.


Improve internal processes and keep your constituents safe, even in the face of budget constraints.

K-12 Education

Lay the groundwork for a connected classroom that expands your students' horizons and enhances traditional learning.

Higher Education

Foster an ideal digital experience on campus for students and faculty alike, in and out of the classroom.

Data Centers

Optimize and scale your infrastructure with resiliency without compromising quality or reliability.

Compatible OEMs

And More!

Network Solution Success Stories

University in a mid-size Midwestern city awarded Champion ONE their 10G, 40G, and 100G optical transceiver business from an RFP issued as part of a network upgrade. ...

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A service provider based in a large Midwestern city needed a new solution for a brownfield application. Their existing equipment was operating at capacity, and was rapidly approaching the end-of-life deadline....

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A data services provider in the Southeastern United States was faced with a serious time crunch. They needed to deploy greenfield services for one of their long-time customers by the end of November. ...

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The international airport that serves a large Midwestern metropolitan area is planning a large-scale new terminal build. ...

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Open Networking Resources

K-12 Virtual Connected Classrooms

K-12 school districts are seeing an increase in students connecting online for class. This presents challenges and the need for a strong network. Is your school district ready?

Intro to WDM Technology Part 1

Fiber scarcity is a common problem for many network operators, including metro carriers, health care campuses, university campuses, school districts, and more. 

Higher ED: Why Investing in Bandwidth Can Pay Off

While budget limitations can make a case for considering your network to be "good enough," there are two major reasons that universities and college campuses can benefit from investing in network bandwidth.

What's New in 400G Transceivers

A few months ago, we launched our 200G and 400G optics focusing on shorter distances, ideal for data center applications. Here is an update on the latest additions and solutions.