The March Toward Open Networks

The March Toward Open Networks

In this installment of our monthly guest blog series, our CEO John Jutila reflects on the advancements that have led to increased openness and freedom in optical networking.

The concept of “openness” is very powerful. The term has been defined to mean “availability to all,” “lack of concealment” or “transparency.” At Champion ONE, “openness” is a core part of our culture, a key ingredient that has helped drive our continued success in the marketplace. Open transparency and trust go hand-in-hand and are essential to sustain high-performing teams and true partnerships.

Openness is also a key ingredient of democracies to help prevent power from coalescing among the few at the expense of the many – a key element of the United States Constitution which was ratified 230 years ago. In the form of open communication and the freedom of the press, power abuses and underlying or hidden intentions can be revealed in a more transparent way. Good decisions are based on true facts and radical candor, rather than fabricated facts and hidden agendas.

In that spirit, true to our DNA, Champion ONE is a steadfast Champion of Open Networking. Over the past 25 years, we have witnessed first-hand the struggle to open ports to give customers alternative, competitive solutions for optical transceivers in their switches, routers and other network platforms. While network equipment manufacturers attempt to keep ports closed by embedding passwords and codes into their transceivers, Champion ONE has worked diligently with customers to open ports back up resulting in more choices and lower costs.

Over the past decade, “open networking” has become a growing mantra across the telecom and datacom industries. Open standards are proliferating through initiatives such as the Open Compute Project, Open Network Forum, Telecom Infrastructure Project, OIF, OpenRAN, OPNFV, Open Daylight, ONAP, Open Air Interface, Open Stack, Linux Foundation and many more. These new open standards cover optical transceivers, switches and routers, NOS/OSS, ROADMs, optical transport, wireless RAN and virtually every aspect of networking. This user-driven process appears irreversible and highlights a clear market trend.

Companies like Champion ONE, which focus on open networking and have no legacy proprietary business to protect, are in a unique position to help end users along the journey to open networking by sharing what we have learned working many customers that have, or are, taking that journey. We welcome you to join the march!

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