How to Work From Home


For many of us, remote work has become our daily routine. Here are some tips for making remote work fun and effective.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is up to par. It may be necessary to upgrade your bandwidth to have a stable network. Additionally, if you are accessing shared company resources via VPN for the first time, you may need to contact your ISP to ensure their equipment is properly set up to support this.
  2. Set up an appropriate work area. Many of our home and apartments aren’t built for work, but it can be done. Select a quiet, well-lit area with a flat surface for a laptop or computer and a strong, consistent wi-fi signal. Be sure to select a room that eliminates distractions so you can stay focused. If your home is a bit noisy, consider using headphones.
  3. Take breaks. Tim Yanda's Work From Home Space
  4. Research has repeatedly shown that short breaks at regular intervals can be crucial to maintaining focus and productivity. Sometimes without face-to-face interaction, hours can go by without taking a break. Set time aside to stretch, get coffee, watch a funny video, or even eat lunch! Set a timer if necessary. It’s important to take care of yourself even from home. Meet with colleagues through video chat. Isolation doesn’t mean the end of meetings: this can be done with many different apps and programs. LogMeIn’s GoToMeeting, Cisco’s Webex, Microsoft Teams, and even Apple’s Facetime allow for “face-to-face” communication, screen sharing, and other collaborative tools.
  5. Stay positive and connected. For those that are used to in-person interaction, it can feel lonely and unproductive working from home at times. That’s what instant messaging and video calls are for. Use them when you’re missing the office environment. Schedule a time to connect with co-workers when necessary, even if it’s just to chat. We’re all in this together.

Working from home can be just as beneficial as working in the office. While it may take time to get used to, incorporating these useful tips will help you stay productive and sane.

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