COMING SOON: The Z Series PAM4 Active Line System

Coming soon: The Z Series PAM4 Active Line System

In addition to our XGS-PON and coherent product offerings, we will also be launching a complete 100G PAM4 solution: Z Series 40 DWDM Active Line System and PAM4 QSFP28 optical transceivers.

The Z Series 40 is a unique solution on the market, offering a durable carrier-grade solution for data center interconnect (DCI) applications up to 120km. The system’s combination of amplification, dispersion compensation, and mux/demuxing allow it to support up to 40 channels of 100G PAM4 transmission over a common pair of fibers, for up to 4TB of network capacity! The device’s large heat sink is designed to maximize uptime, and its zero-touch provisioning makes deployment quick and easy.

The Z Series active system is complemented by high-performance 100G PAM4 QSFP28 transceivers that are compatible across platforms that support PAM4.

Be sure to check back for more updates on these products, or click here to learn more through a complimentary consultation with our experts.

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