Choosing the Right Optics for Municipal Traffic Systems

Choosing the Right Optics for Municipal Traffic Systems

Your city traffic division is in serious need of a network upgrade. Your current bandwidth is insufficient to, say, connect all your traffic lights and add new traffic cameras throughout the city. You’re investigating the federal funding sources to support new fiber cabling, but now you’re wondering how to make the most of your equipment budget. For optical transceivers and other network solutions, Champion ONE can help.

As with public utility systems, carrier-grade quality matters when you’re delivering critical public safety services every second of every day. That’s why Champion ONE offers guaranteed-new products made from the highest-reliability components for maximum mean times between failure (MTBF). Additionally, many of our optics are designed for industrial temperature ranges (-40 to 85°C), so they can withstand both brutal summer sun and bitter winter chills in field applications.

Beyond product quality, Champion ONE can provide solutions that ease fiber constraints and maximize your fiber plant. Our single fiber (bi-di) transceivers can effectively double your available fiber by transmitting and receiving 1G or 10G data rates on a single strand of fiber. For busy intersections which require connections for multiple lights and cameras, our outside-plant WDM passives can immediately add up to 8 links in a compact form factor designed for industrial temperature ranges.

Champion ONE offers these specialized options and carrier-grade quality for a fraction of the cost of your network platform OEM. For more information on how we can help your traffic division, contact us today.

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