Building the Data Center Fabric Using the Champion ONE Multi-Vendor DAC and AOC Cables

The Challenge – One challenge, Data Center network professionals face, is to cost-effectively interconnect networking equipment of varying brands with compatibility ensured. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require specific coding to ensure proper system identification and interoperability.

The complexity increases when data center networking professionals need to interconnect different OEM’s equipment from one manufacturer to another. Although OEMs offer connectivity products compatible with their own equipment, often those parts are not compatible with other vendors. With the growth in 10G and 25G connected servers, this becomes even more important to address. Utilizing optical transceivers along with fiber cabling is a viable solution, but it is often up to 40% more expensive and requires procurement from multiple sources, which time and cost add up quickly especially in large deployments.

Champion ONE understands the complexity and customer’s challenges and provide multiple solutions.

Approved Networks DACs and AOCs

The Solution – Champion ONE provides multi-vendor direct attach copper cables (DACs) and active optical cables (AOCs).  With one end coded for one vendor and the other end for a different vendor, the purpose-built multi-vendor DAC and AOC cables are compatible with more than two dozen OEMs including all major brands. All multi-vendor DACs and AOCs are 100 percent tested in system at Champion ONE’s engineering lab to assure compatibility and quality. Prior to shipping, the multi-vendor DACs and AOCs are labelled at each end for the intended OEM brands reducing in-field operational issues. To meet network professional’s varying needs, the multi-vendor DACs and AOCs come with a broad range of choices for length, speed and form factor.

The Application – From the traditional multi-tier architecture to the modern spine-leaf fabric, the Champion ONE multi-vendor DAC and AOC cables fit well in the data center networking. At the server access layer, the multi-vendor DACs become very convenient to connect rack-mounted servers to the top of rack (ToR) switches. Network professionals can choose Champion ONE’s 4x25G or 4x10G break-out DACs for high density top-of-rack connectivity deployment.

Assuming the ToR switches play the role of leaf in the spine-leaf architecture, the spine switches may be located in the middle of row (MoR) or at the end of row (EoR). The reach between the ToR switches and MoR/EoR switches typically goes beyond 7 meters but may be shorter than 30 meters. Network professionals can utilize the Champion ONE multi-vendor AOCs to interconnect the ToR switches to the MoR/EoR switches made by different OEMs.

Routers, security appliances, monitoring appliances, etc. typically are connected to the spine or leaf switches. These networking devices most likely are manufactured by different OEMs. The Champion ONE multi-vendor AOCs and DACs are the ideal connectivity solution to interconnect them to spine or leaf switches.

Multi Vendor DACs and AOCs

More Benefits – In addition to the value of interconnecting networking equipment from  different OEMs with compatibility and performance ensured, Champion ONE DACs and AOCs provide more benefits for customers. Champion ONE provides multi-source agreement (MSA) compliant DACs and AOCs that are ideal to interconnect with open systems. All DACs and AOCs of Champion ONE are Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant.  With a large inventory, Champion ONE provides very fast shipment with the quality and performance network operators need. Customers from hyperscale data centers, enterprise data centers and Tier 1 and 2 service providers have deployed then DACs, AOCs and services provided by Champion ONE.  

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