Champion ONE’S DACs and AOCs

DACs and AOCs from Champion ONE

One of the most exciting things for us about recently joining forces with Approved Networks is the opportunity to expand the solutions we can offer our customers. As an example, we now offer full connectivity solutions for your data center or central office, including a more complete portfolio of direct attach cables (DACs) and active optical cables (AOCs). This article dives into what we offer, and the unique benefits of turning to Champion ONE for this suite of solutions.

What We Offer

Both DACs and AOCs offer a low-power, easy-to-deploy alternative to optical transceivers for intra-rack, ToR, rack-to-rack, and switch-to-server connections.  They are trusted throughout the data centers of several of the world’s largest networks.

Champion ONE’s passive DACs feature data rates from 1GB to aggregate rates up to 400GB of total bandwidth in distances up to 10 meters. They provide robust connections, which require no power from the connector. They are available in all major MSA-standard form factors (SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, and QSFP-DD). In addition to one-to-one connections, breakout cables are also available for 40G to 4x10G and 100G to 4x25G applications. For distances longer than 7m or as required by OEM platform, we also have active DACs.

Our AOCs offer optical connectivity in distances from 1m to 150m, and are connected by high-quality multimode fiber. These cables offer a lower bend radius than copper DACs, and, as they transmit an optical signal, are immune from EMI.

Why Champion ONE? 3 Key Benefits

If these unique benefits would help you accomplish your network goals, contact us today to learn more about our specific offerings.

Guaranteed Compatibility. Our DACs and AOCs are programmed by experts and 100% tested in systems at one of the most robust labs in the industry, featuring a deep collection of equipment from dozens of leading network equipment manufacturers.

Customization. Our customization capabilities break down into three main areas:

    • Programming. In addition to standard programming, we offer multi-vendor programming as well. As an example, this would allow you to seamlessly connect a Cisco or Juniper switch to a Dell or Intel server.
    • Distance. Since these cables offer fixed-length connectivity, standard lengths are not ideal in every environment. To suit your application perfectly, we offer custom cable lengths.
    • Design. Several data centers we work with have recognized the benefits of color-coding their connections to facilitate deployment and troubleshooting. We provide customer-specified cable color requests, as well as custom labeling.

Availability. When you need connectivity urgently, our cables are programmed and tested in the USA at our California facility, which can reduce lead times by as much as two-thirds, especially for smaller orders. Programming and testing in the USA also guarantees TAA compliance for use in many government network applications.

If these unique benefits would help you accomplish your network goals, contact us today to learn more about our specific offerings.

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