A Simple Solution to a Big Colocation Challenge

A Simple Solution to a Big Colocation Challenge

Colocation data centers play a vital role in today’s networking world. However, one of the biggest challenges colo customers can face is the extremely high cost of fiber cross-connects within the data center, particularly in North America where monthly fees are charged per fiber used. If you require upwards of dozens of cross-connects, this annual cost could very easily exceed $100,000. Under these circumstances, wouldn’t it be great to get, say, 40 services onto one cross-connect fiber?

You absolutely can. And quite simply, too!

The solution here is single fiber DWDM passive filters. In particular, this application calls for a 80-channel (40-service) mux that operates as depicted in the diagram below:

This solution operates similarly to the “two-channel services” method we’ve previously discussed: as shown above, each service transmits and receives on adjacent channels like a standard single fiber solution. However, utilizing the ITU “half channels” (50GHz spacing) maximizes port density in a single rack unit, enabling 40 services while keeping rack space to a minimum.

For additional cost savings and operational simplicity, you could also consider tunable DWDM transceivers as an ideal complement.

To learn more about how to reduce your colo expenses, contact the experts at Champion ONE today.

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