2019 in Review: What’s New at Champion ONE

2019 in Review: What's New at Champion ONE

Throughout 2019, the optical networking industry has stepped up with innovative solutions to address new and growing challenges. In this article, we look back at some products and solutions we’ve introduced over the past year to help network operators keep up with bandwidth demands.

May: XGS-PON Transceivers

 As demands for FTTx service increase, XGS-PON transceivers are an excellent option to migrate your 1G PON network to 10G while preserving legacy GPON equipment in service. XGS-PON transceivers operate on different wavelengths, so XGS-PON service can be overlaid on a common ODN, as shown below.

XGS-PON and GPON deployed over the same ODN.

Check out our portfolio here.

June: 100G PAM4 Active DWDM Open Line System

open line system data center interconnect

A highlight of our recent MEF19 exhibit, our Open Line System is ideal for point-to-point data center interconnects up to 100 or 120km apart. They offer all multiplexing/demultiplexing, amplification, attenuation, and dispersion compensation necessary to transmit either 8 or 40 links of 100G service over a single pair of fibers. The zero-touch provisioning on these devices allow them to turn up within 5 minutes without extensive manual labor.

Learn more about these solutions here.

August: 25G for 5G

To help network operators prepare for the coming 5G deployments, we expanded our portfolio of 25G SFP28 transceivers to include single fiber (bi-di) and DWDM options. These optics support Ethernet, CPRI, and eCPRI, and are part of an ideal solution for your wireless network’s fronthaul or midhaul infrastructure.

25g for 5g ideal deployment

Explore this portfolio here.

August: 80 Channel / 40 Service Single Fiber DWDM Mux

We developed this passive DWDM solution for situations of extreme fiber scarcity that require transmission of 40 links 1G or 10G transmission on a single fiber. Designed in “east” and “west” configurations, these muxes utilize 50GHz ITU spacing as shown below to maximize efficiency, as shown below.

DWDM solution for extreme fiber scarcity that require transmission of 40 links 1G or 10G transmission on a single fiber

Learn more about these muxes here.

September:  100G Coherent Open Network Switch

In fiber-rich environments, our 100G Coherent Open Network Switch can provide a substantial bandwidth upgrade for point-to-multipoint data center interconnects. It features a mix of QSFP28 Ethernet ports for internal connections, and 8 digital coherent (DCO) CFP2 ports for DCI applications.

100G Coherent Open Network Switch

Read more about this solution here.

Stay tuned for more end-of-year coverage from Champion ONE, as well as our expert predictions for what’s to come in 2020.

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