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Champion ONE supplies reliable, innovative, standards-based network solutions that improve our customer's competitive position in the marketplace. We combine quality, cost effective products with excellent service and support to achieve seamless integration into any network architecture.

Statement of Purpose

The goal of Champion Optical Network Engineering is to meet and exceed the customer’s needs and the requirements of performance quality, cost and schedule.

The Quality Assurance Department maintains the highest level of testing on all products by following these requirements:

  • That all employees have the proper training and qualifications and are kept up to date on any new procedures
  • All product is inspected and tested in accordance with the Quality Assurance Procedures
  • That the latest test equipment is used to assure that proper testing is being performed
  • Test equipment is calibrated on a regular basis and the latest software versions are being utilized
  • Complete documentation and verification of the type of testing that is performed on a variety of products
  • Timely and effective action is taken on identifying any potential problems before they can occur
  • Implementation of new test procedures are done correctly and promptly
  • The Quality Assurance Procedures are maintained and updated as required
  • To work with customers on development of specific products they need
  • Work with the Audit Department on a Monthly schedule to maintain the Quality.

This is all done to ensure the lowest failure rate that can be accomplished for a company operating today.