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Champion ONE’s 100G Active DWDM Open Line Systems will help you take 100G far beyond the walls of your building – up to 120km away — on a single pair of fibers. Its all-in-one combination of mux/demux, amplification, and dispersion compensation make it a compact, cost-effective solution for point-to-point data center interconnect applications. Our Open Line Systems’ zero-touch provisioning make it simple to deploy and operate — within 5 minutes of plugging in, the system is ready to go, with zero manual calibration or programming required.

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100G Coherent Switch Complements Open Line System

The new 100G Coherent Open Networking Switch expands our portfolio of solutions for high-bandwidth, long-haul applications. While it may seem to overlap extensively with our PAM4-based Active DWDM Open Line System, these can actually be two complementary solutions to different network challenges. 

100G Open Line System Live Test

100G Active DWDM Open Line Systems, a long-range (up to 120km) 100G solution that is cost-effective and simple to deploy and operate. We recently had the opportunity to showcase what this unique solution can do in a real network environment. Here are the details…

Infographic: Two Data Center Interconnect Solutions

Champion ONE offers two new solutions for data center interconnect applications: our 100G Coherent Open Network Switch, and our 100G Active DWDM Open Line System. While they solve similar challenges, there are certain circumstances that would make one or the other necessary (or at least preferable)…

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