XGS-PON vOLT Network Solution

Our innovative solution, powered by Tibit Communications, enables network operators to deploy PON services more quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively than ever before. The secret is a unique SFP+ transceiver that holds all the functionality of XGS-PON OLT hardware.
OLT features

OLT: Maximum Features, Minimum Footprint

The MicroPlug OLT integrates full OLT functionality into a compact SFP+ optic for 10G EPON/XGS-PON services. It can be plugged directly into a new or existing 10G Ethernet switch, eliminating the need to purchase and deploy PON-specific hardware. This enables network operators to provide both Ethernet and PON services from the same switch for maximum scalability.

ONU: Flexibility from End to End

The MicroPlug OLT SFP+ pairs with its ONU counterpart at the customer end. This transceiver’s open architecture makes it compatible with most ONU equipment on the market, so you can deploy the exact features you need.

The Tibit MicroPlug OLT Is the World’s First Pluggable OLT in a SFP+ form factor.

  • Eliminating PON application-specific hardware
  • Using stranded Ethernet hardware lowers the cost of deployment up to 60%
  • Leverage industrial open network economics
  • 40% less power consumption
  • 60% footprint reduction
  • Deploy only the PON services you need today, and add as you grow
  • Mix and match applications within the same Ethernet switch

Tibit Resources

Management of the MicroPlug SFP+ OLT

As we continue to explore our new revolutionary pluggable PON solution powered by Tibit, let’s look at the anatomy of the open architecture management.

An illustration showing the management structure of the pluggable OLT solution, from the physical hardware layer (transceivers and switches) connected to the management layer via the PON Controller.