Mid-Range Data Center Interconnect

When you face a sharp increase in bandwidth demands between two data center locations in a fiber-constrained environment, our 8 Channel 100G Active DWDM Open Line System is an ideal solution. This compact 1RU system provides all optical grooming (e.g., mux/demux, amplification, dispersion compensation, and attenuation) required to send 8x100G links up to 100km on a single pair of fibers. Its zero-touch provisioning minimizes deployment time and effort, getting you connected much faster. The full solution includes 100G Open Networking Ethernet switches for data center aggregation and 100G PAM4 QSFP28 transceivers.

Featured Benefits of Mid-Range Data Center Interconnect

Send 8 links of 100G transmission up to 100km on a single pair of fibers.

No complex tuning. No advanced provisioning. Just hook it up, power it on, and you’re up and running within 5 minutes.

An entire rack’s worth of functionality in a single 1RU enclosure.

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What Customers Are Saying

"Thanks for your support in the past. Your optics have been a positive addition to our service portfolio and I appreciate them. "
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Robert Whelan
Director, Network & Telecommunications Services
"Champion ONE is an ideal provider for hospitals. Their product quality and support is better than our switch vendor, and they can save us over 50% on our optics. Plus, Cisco® will continue to support their product warranties and maintenance agreements."
Local Government
Director, Infrastructure

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