High Performance Fabric Expansion

Traditional network design lacks the flexibility to respond dynamically to increasing bandwidth needs. By installing a high-performance data center fabric built on a 100G spine with 100G top-of-rack (ToR) leaves, your network will achieve unparalleled availability, flexibility, and scalability. This high-bandwidth option enables you to provision your 100G “leaf” switches to support 4x25G transmission for connection to high-performance 25G servers.

Keep Your Campus Environment Up and Running

Future-proof your network by installing a solution that will easily support network virtualization, whenever you’re ready to deploy.

The spine-and-leaf structure makes it faster and easier to add more network capacity than traditional modular chassis.

Accelerate the speed of deployment and eliminate the risk of costly human error.

Open networking gives you the best of both worlds: seamless integration with existing equipment in brownfield deployments, without the restrictions of locked-in proprietary systems.

High bandwidth fabric expansion network design

What Customers Are Saying

"I have all the confidence in the world in you and Champion One. The relationship we built, made doing business even better." "Wherever I go, I will keep you in mind."
Derrick Murray
Information Technology Professional
“Champion ONE and Cumulus have been absolutely wonderful trying to support this equipment, and it’s been working very well for us.”
Keith Hopkins
System Engineer

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