Whether you need to connect a new building to your central office, or expanding the capacity between two main data centers, a simple point-to-point passive system can be an ideal solution. This solution utilizes dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) to add up to 40 new links of 10G without laying or leasing additional fiber. It also employs tunable DWDM transceivers that can simplify sparing inventories and reduce costs. These optics can be tuned with our award-winning uTune Director.

Fiber Conservation

Multiply your bandwidth up to 40x, without laying or leasing new fiber

Reliable Service

Simple engineering reduces risk of error and maintenance costs long after deployment.

Seamless Integration

Passive filters are platform-agnostic, so no matter what equipment you have in your network, deployment is hassle-free.

Inventory Simplicity

By using tunable DWDM transceivers, you can spare just 1 SKU instead of 40 fixed-channel SKUs.​

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