Many of the world’s largest service providers are beginning to reap the benefits of a new architecture: central office re-architectured as a data center (CORD). This architecture replaces hardware-specific central office equipment with a flexible high-performance data center fabric; applications are abstracted and defined on the software level. This solution includes a 100G spine and 10G leaves, with an optional vOLT add-on for next-gen FTTx service.

Benefits of Central Office Re-architectured as a Data Center

Services are defined at the software layer – no more application-specific hardware— so new services can be provisioned faster.

The spine-and-leaf structure makes it faster and easier to add more network capacity than traditional modular chassis.

Accelerate the speed of deployment and eliminate the risk of costly human error.

Future-proof your network by installing a solution that will easily support network virtualization, whenever you’re ready to deploy.

central office re-architectured as a data center network solution

What Customers Are Saying

"Thanks for your support in the past. Your optics have been a positive addition to our service portfolio and I appreciate them. "
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Robert Whelan
Director, Network & Telecommunications Services
"Champion ONE is an ideal provider for hospitals. Their product quality and support is better than our switch vendor, and they can save us over 50% on our optics. Plus, Cisco® will continue to support their product warranties and maintenance agreements."
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Director, Infrastructure

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