10G Ethernet SFP+ Active Optical Cable 1-100m, Arista Compatible

Technical Specifications

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Additional information

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OEM Part Number

AOC-S-S-10G-1M, AOC-S-S-10G-3M, AOC-S-S-10G-5M, AOC-S-S-10G-7M, AOC-S-S-10G-10M, AOC-S-S-10G-15M, AOC-S-S-10G-20M, AOC-S-S-10G-30M,

Form Factor

Data Rate/Protocol

10G Ethernet

Temperature Range

0 to 70




Champion ONE’s complete line of active optical cables (AOCs) can offer high-density signal transmission for data center and high-performance computing applications in distances of up to 300m. Their lower power consumption makes them a viable alternative to traditional optical transceivers, and their lower bit error rate (BER), lighter weight, and tighter bend radius make them superior to copper cables in many applications.

AOCs are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • Rack-to-rack and shelf-to-shelf interconnections in data center hubs
  • Connections that require a tighter bend radius than copper cabling
  • Other connections among switches, routers, servers, and storage systems