Champion ONE Launches Pluggable 10G MicroPlug OLT Transceivers Powered by Tibit Communications

World’s first pluggable FTTx solution supports 10G XGS-PON, 10G EPON

CLEVELAND – 25 June 2020  – Champion ONE, a leading supplier of open optical network solutions, is announcing the general availability of 10G SFP+ transceivers for 10G EPON and XGS-PON applications, developed by Tibit Communications.

The revolutionary OLT solution embedded in a transceiver can plug directly into a commercially available Ethernet switch with SFP+ ports, offering a simple, cost-effective, scalable alternative to dedicated OLT equipment. This technology also requires less space and power than any other OLT product, and its modular and remote management capabilities make it an ideal fit for virtualized PON (vPON) solutions and software-defined networking (SDN) implementations.

The OLT and open-architecture management solution is uniquely designed to interoperate with 3rd party ONUs to allow flexible, cost-effective pairing with a wide range of customer premise equipment. This interoperability includes pairing with Ethernet-pluggable ONU solutions for a plug-and-play PON deployment without manual provisioning and SLA configuration. This solution enables service providers to deploy high-bandwidth services in an agile, elastic, and dynamic way.

“We are excited to have Champion ONE as an integration partner. They are a proven innovator in both carrier and enterprise solutions which are they key target marker for our MicroPlug™ OLT,” said Jay Teborek, VP Sales and Marketing at Tibit Communications. “Champion ONE continually demonstrates a high level of support for their customers and we’re proud to be a Champion ONE partner. With their product line breadth, they have the unique capability of delivering and servicing the needs of a complete 10G PON solution to their clients.”

“Champion ONE is excited to partner with Tibit Communications to bring the market leading Pluggable 10G OLT / ONU MicroPlug™ to the North American market,” said Tim Yanda, Director of Engineering at Champion ONE. “The ability to support 10G PON technologies from a traditional Ethernet switch is an excellent opportunity to expand in the last mile fiber connectivity market segment.”

These transceivers are built in compliance with their respective industry standards, and can be deployed in existing Ethernet switches, or in Champion ONE’s own line of 10G Open Network Switches.

About Champion ONE: Champion ONE is a global supplier of open standards-based, carrier-grade network solutions for the service provider, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, and government sectors. The company’s transceivers, optical filters, and switches are optimized for use with the industry’s leading network equipment manufacturer platforms. For additional information about Champion ONE, call 800-860-7466 or visit

Media Relations Contact

Christina Belcik
Champion ONE

About Tibit Communications

Founded in 2014, Tibit Communications has introduced a fundamental change to the architecture and economics of PON solutions, which has been mostly constrained to proprietary, chassis-mounted architectures available from only a few global vendors. Tibit’s MicroPlug™ OLT is the world’s first pluggable OLT. The standard-based SFP+ form factor allows their device to plug into almost any 10G switch port, greatly expanding architecture options for carriers. All this is enabled by the Tibit bridge ASIC, the world’s smallest and lowest power 10G OLT chipset, which supports a rich feature set across both ITU-T and IEEE 10G PON standards.
PON should be much simpler to deploy than it is today. Watch for more news from Tibit in 2020 on how we’re making that happen.

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