Champion ONE Launches 100G Open Network (White Box) Switch

New 32-port QSFP28 100G switch boasts state-of-the-art silicon, processing

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – March 6, 2018–– The Champion of Open Networking® and leading supplier of optical network solutions, is unveiling a 100G open network switch, a new addition to its existing line of 1G, 10G, and 40G switches. This switch offers high-performance hardware and compatible software options boasting a robust feature set, including SDN/NFV functionality, at significant cost savings over legacy brands.

The switch is a high-density solution with 32 QSFP28 ports. It offers full line-rate L2/L3 switching and 32 40/100GbE connections, or 4x25GbE or 4x10GbE connections (via breakout cables). These switches can be deployed in traditional network core or edge applications; in campus or metro Ethernet applications; as TOR switches supporting 10/25GbE to servers with 40/50/100GbE uplinks; or supporting 40/50/100GbE spine interconnects in a SDN/NFV leaf-spine architecture. A powerful Broadcom® chipset supports a fast forwarding rate and high switching capacity.

Champion ONE switches bring the benefits and principles of open architecture to its customers’ networks. This model disaggregates switch hardware and software, complete with ONIE, allowing service providers, school districts, and other users to choose the best software for specific applications and network topologies. Open standards allow these switches to interoperate with legacy equipment and seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure.

“The demand for 100G services is growing at a rapid rate,” said Champion ONE CEO John Jutila. “As the industry continues to migrate toward open networking technologies, this switch is a natural fit for our customers. It will provide greater control and flexibility over software and virtualization to adapt to future needs.”

“We are now able to offer our customers a fully disaggregated solution: a 100G switch with a complete line of open standards-based 100G transceiver options and multiple software options at a competitive price.”

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