Higher Education

1 out of 3

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs are participate distance learning

1GB Campus Networks

74% of universities offer at least 1GB bandwidth

7GB Campus Networks

33% of all campuses offer 7GB on-campus

Network Bandwidth Demand

On-campus bandwidth demands– from quality of student life to critical emergency services– are already straining capacity. As more college students enroll online, having a robust, reliable network only becomes more important, as it offers the only portal into the university experience. Addressing this challenge is tricky: you can quickly blow out your budget adding more fiber, and extended network downtime can disrupt learning and connectivity.

A Custom Network Solution

Improving network capacity can help create a successful online platform for distance learning as well as students on campus that need to stay connected.  We can help you navigate all of the options and find a custom solution that fits the needs of your students and network.