Fiber Constraints on Your Network

The Big Merger

When your organization first started laying fiber decades ago, you had great hard-copy fiber tracking records. Then they were transferred to Excel. Then your company was bought out, and your records had to be merged into the existing database. Then that company merged, and brought in yet another database.  The database contractor had no interest or ability to verify these records, so now you’re left with… a pretty good guess?

The Retirement

Jim has been the “fiber guy” for nearly 30 years. Jim’s record keeping wasn’t always the best, but you could always rely on his experience and razor-sharp memory to set things straight. Unfortunately (for you— not for Jim), Jim is retiring to Florida. While Jim is spending his days out on his boat fishing, you’re now in charge, and you have a new build coming up…

Change of Plans

It’s October. You’re calmly, methodically preparing for a new fiber build, scheduled for next Q1/Q2. Suddenly, due to circumstances beyond your control, you now have to spend that money this year. You have budget for all the equipment you will need, but you have neither time nor budget to acquire the fiber you will need… 

Fiber Shortage Solutions

No matter how low your fiber count and budget are, we have a solution that will help you expand your capacity.

DWDM Point-to-Point

If you need to connect a new building to your central office or expand bandwidth capacity between two existing data centers, DWDM is the ideal solution. Add up to 40 new links of 10G without leasing or laying more fiber, reducing costs and simplifying inventory.

Hub and Spoke

If you need to serve a number of sites in a densely-populated area or large campus environment, a hub-and-spoke DWDM architecture featuring a band splitter at a distribution center may be an ideal solution, conversing fiber, cost, and with a seamless intergration.

Passive Cascade

When you have buildings and sites that are spread over a large sparsely populated area, a cascaded DWDM solution will help reduce cost and integrate into your existing network without laying or leasing new fiber.

Fiber Scarcity Resources