Why Add Bandwidth to Your Network Now?

5G Is Coming

No matter what line of business you’re in, the advent of 5G will profoundly change how your business operates. Connected devices will proliferate, many of which require both high bandwidth and low latency to function properly. Now is the time to get one step ahead of the game, and ensure your core doesn’t struggle.

You’re Expanding

Good news! Your organization is doing really well! Maybe a new building (or several) on campus was commissioned, and it’s going to need a full set of connections. Maybe your company acquired a smaller competitor, and your central data center is going to need to handle a lot more data. Your network has gotten you to this point, but will it hold up when you have to take things to the next level?

An Aging Core

Your legacy equipment has served you well for many years, but now it’s starting to show its age. The warranty is set to expire, and you may have received an EOL notice from your equipment vendor. Instead of postponing the inevitable by purchasing additional extended warranties, why not explore upgrading? You’ll position yourself well for the future, and you’ll never have to deal with that old piece of SONET gear ever again.

Bandwidth Upgrade Solutions

Whether you need a little or a lot more bandwidth, we’ve got you covered, no matter the size of your budget.

Open Line System Data Center Interconnect

When you're faced with bandwidth demands between two data centers and adding more fiber isn't an option, the 8 Channel 100G Active DWDM Open Line System is an ideal solution

Long Range Coherent Data Center Interconnect

If you have multiple data centers that cover a large geographical area or when fiber is readily available, the Long Range DCI solution is a perfect to solution to improve bandwidth.

High Performance Fabric Expansion

If your network needs the ability to scale when the bandwidth demand calls for it, High Performance Fabric Expansion is built on a 100G spine with 100G top-of-rack (ToR) leaves, allowing availability, flexibility, and availability of your network that traditional designs can't achieve.

Optical Network Upgrade Resources