We understands that as a service provider, your network is your business. From global telcos to small regional carriers, subscribing customers demand the fastest, most reliable service, but budget and fiber plant constraints can pose a significant challenge to critical bandwidth upgrades. Champion ONE can help.

What Can We Help You Achieve?

Making 5G Happen

From making our homes and businesses “smarter” to enabling us to experience our cities anew via self-driving cars and augmented reality, your customers can’t wait for 5G to deliver on its revolutionary promise, and are counting on you to make it happen. With solutions from the core to the antenna, we have solutions to make dreams come true.

Keeping the Stream Alive

As streaming video becomes even more entrenched in all our lives, your residential customers will require more and more bandwidth to watch (and create!) video content on multiple devices all day long. Our innovative solutions will help you build enough excess network capacity to see you through the streaming age.

Delivering the Moments We Remember

Even in the streaming age, televised moments that unfold in real time still have the power to unite families, friends, and the wider world. The games that make us scream and cheer, the awards shows that move us to tears, the series finales that make us all go, “Huh?” No one wants to miss these moments because of a bad connection or service failure. Our reliable solutions will make sure your customers never miss a thing.

Simplifying Your Operations

As service providers expand, consolidate, and otherwise evolve, multiple platforms of various generations most coexist in production networks across the world. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into existing network platforms to eliminate compatibility headaches, and our legacy support will help you extend the life of your equipment when necessary.

Network Connectivity and Integration Solutions

Passive Cascade

A cascaded architecture is ideal for providing service from a central office across a large, sparsely-populated area. 40 channels from a central office are muxed together and sent over a common pair of fibers. At the first location, 8 channels are demuxed and delivered, while the remaining 32 are sent through the express port of that mux/demux to the next location, at which the next 8 are delivered, and so on. Includes all passive filters and optics.
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CORD Solution

The Central Office Re-Architectured as a Data Center (CORD) networking model has attracted many service providers due to its flexibility and control advantages. This solution, built around a cost-effective spine-and-leaf fabric, offers great control and programmability for SDN/NFV integration. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, 100G QSFP28 optics, and direct-attach cables.

Coherent DCI

This solution, built around our 100G Coherent Switch, offers unparalleled point-to-multipoint flexibility in a fiber-rich transport network environment. This solution offers 8 connections up to 2000km in reach. Includes software from IP Infusion and CFP2 DCO optics.

Passive Hub+Spoke

If you need to cover a higher-density urban/suburban neighborhood from a central location, consider the hub and spoke architecture. Starting from the same 40 channel mux/demux, the channels are muxed together and sent to a band splitter at a distribution point, which separates the channels into sets of 8, which are then sent to their respective locations. Includes all passive filters and optics.
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Service Provider Success Stories


TEC was in need of a DC-powered 10G network switch to add network redundancy for high availability and efficiency in a cluster system in order to add Layer 3 funcationality if needed at a later date without the OEM price…
North Central Louisiana


Faced with the challenge of turning up new services quickly, Champion ONE partnered with CP-TEL to provide a cost-effective solution…

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