Champion ONE understands that hospitals face growing internal and external bandwidth demands and meeting these demands are critical to quality of care and the patient experience. Today’s hospitals need increased bandwidth to manage and utilize patient data, improve accessibility, and accommodate advances in medical technology, but many times are faced with budget constraints that limit progress. Champion ONE can help.

What Can We Help You Achieve?

Delivering Innovative Care Anywhere, from Anywhere

Connecting with a surgery specialist from the other side of the world to perform a rare procedure remotely via robotics. Opening telehealth services to patients who cannot physically travel to your locations. In the health care world of tomorrow, the reach of the care you can provide is not constrained by your physical footprint… only your imagination.

Ensuring Reliability Where It Counts

Monitoring devices delivering critical care cannot go down. High-resolution medical imaging must transfer instantly. Electronic health records must be accessible to doctors and secure at all times. Failure and outages within a health care network is never an option. Our high-performance solutions are thoroughly inspected in our quality lab for optimal reliability, so you can absolutely trust what you put into your network.

Keeping People Connected

Facing an extended stay in the hospital can be scary for many patients. They may be picturing a long, lonely period, isolated in their beds. However, a strong network backbone will provide the wi-fi bandwidth needed to make that video call to a loved one, stream a favorite show, and otherwise stay plugged in to their daily lives.

Removing Barriers and Obstacles

As health care networks grow and consolidate, disparate network platforms and systems must begin to talk to each other. Our products seamlessly integrate into any network platform, and our experts are here to ease your compatibility headaches and help you achieve operational simplicity.

Network Connectivity and Integration Solutions

Fabric Expansion

This simple spine-and-lead fabric can be easily integrated into existing data center networks of school districts, municipal governments, and campuses (enterprise, health care, or higher education) as a first step toward open networking. It is a cost-effective, high-performance expansion or upgrade that can pave the way for future SDN/NFV integration. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, plus optics and DACs.

Open Line System DCI

This fiber-conserving point-to-point solution combines either 8 or 40 channels of 100G transmission onto a single pair of fibers, up to 120km in reach. The open line system’s zero-touch provisioning enables the solution to turn up in under 5 minutes for ease of deployment. Includes software from IP Infusion and 100G PAM4 optics.

Point-to-Point Passive DWDM

Expanding bandwidth between facilities without investing in additional fiber. Minimizing operational costs while maintaining error-free transmission over many years. These are just some of the reasons this simple solution built on passive filters is trusted in health care networks across the country. Includes passive DWDM filters and optics.

Campus Backbone

In addition to the general benefits of open networking, including efficient scalability and network resiliency, the incorporation of passive CWDM in this solution can remedy fiber scarcity issues between buildings by reducing the need for outside plant fiber. This switch link aggregation also provides high-availability connectivity between any two locations across the campus. Includes 10G Open Networking Switches with a network operating system from Pica8®, CWDM Passive Mux/Demuxes, and SFP+ CWDM transceivers.

Health Care Success Stories

Martin Health System

Martin Health Equips Its Network for the
Needs of Today… and Tomorrow

A top-ranked nonprofit hospital system looked to Champion ONE to solve bandwidth constraints without increasing fiber…

Prominent Health Care Network Saves
+$300,000 with Champion ONE

With limited capital budget, Champion ONE helped to improve the flow of information for X-rays, imaging, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) transmission to improve patient care for this prominent health care system….

Leading Health Care System Leverages
Champion ONE to Expand Network

Champion ONE helped upgrade the core network of one of the nation’s leading health care systems that includes several hundred local hospitals and medical centers…

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