We understand that municipal government entities face growing internal and external bandwidth demands. Meeting these demands is critical to the success and well-being of internal users and constituents alike. However, budget constraints can be a significant hindrance to delivering the quality of service that your end users demand. Champion ONE can help.

What Can We Help You Achieve?

Removing Barriers and Obstacles

When your constituents seek assistance from your government’s agencies, they are often doing so out of urgent need. In these instances, the last thing they want to face when seeking help or reporting a problem is long waiting lines and mazelike processes. Adding bandwidth to your network will enable you to move more services online. This can reduce the burden on government employees, and the increased convenience will lead to a happier constituency.

Ensuring Reliability Where It Counts

Whether it’s a statewide electrical grid that powers our lives, or a municipal traffic system that keep your intersections safe, your government network is full of applications that simply cannot fail. Our high level of quality will bring reliable service to your network, so you can rest assured it will be up when and where you need it most.

Network Connectivity and Integration Solutions

Fabric Expansion

This simple spine-and-leaf fabric can be easily integrated into existing government data centers as a first step toward open networking. It is a cost-effective, high-performance expansion or upgrade that can pave the way for future SDN/NFV integration. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, plus optics and DACs.

Data Center Interconnect

This fiber-conserving point-to-point solution for municipalities combines either 8 or 40 channels of 100G transmission onto a single pair of fibers, up to 120km in reach. The open line system’s zero-touch provisioning enables the OLS DCI to turn up in under 5 minutes for ease of deployment. Includes software from IP Infusion and 100G PAM4 optics.
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Passive Hub+Spoke

If you need to cover a higher-density urban/suburban neighborhood from a central location, consider the hub and spoke architecture. Starting from the same 40 channel mux/demux, the channels are muxed together and sent to a band splitter at a distribution point, which separates the channels into sets of 8, which are then sent to their respective locations. Includes all passive filters and optics.
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Passive Cascade

A cascaded architecture is ideal for providing service from a central municipal office across a large, sparsely-populated area. 40 channels from a central office are muxed together and sent over a common pair of fibers. At the first location, 8 channels are demuxed and delivered, while the remaining 32 are sent through the express port of that mux/demux to the next location, at which the next 8 are delivered, and so on. Includes all passive filters and optics.
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PoE Virtual Stacking

Power your VoIP phones, security cameras, and other connected devices within your municipal buildings via our Open Network Switches, which can be virtually stacked to manage everything over 1 IP address.
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Government and Municipality Success Stories


Champion ONE provided a pair of SFP+ single fiber (bi-di) transceivers programmed for Cisco compatibility for a no-obligation evaluation. This helped save this California city save 65% over comparable OEMs…

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