We understand that school districts face growing internal and external bandwidth demands. Meeting these demands is critical to offering a successful, modern curriculum to all students. However, budget constraints can be a significant hindrance to delivering the quality of education that families demand. Champion ONE can help.

What Can We Help You Achieve?

Instilling a Life-Long Love of Learning Through Technology

Connected classroom” technology can engage today’s digital native students in ways far beyond traditional methods. With a curriculum that weaves in tablets and other smart devices, you can introduce children to a world far beyond their immediate communities to inspire creativity, engender curiosity, and teach invaluable real-world lessons. We can give you the strong network backbone required to connect every student.

Enhancing Safety Across Your District

Beyond education, parents trust you to keep their children safe throughout the school year. When an incident arises, your emergency communication systems throughout the district cannot fail. Our solutions have been trusted for years in critical applications, so you can rest assured that your network will be ready when you need it most.

Optimizing Your E-Rate Budget

While you’re tasked with building and maintaining a safe, advanced educational environment, we understand the hard reality of achieving all of these goals on a tight budget. Our products are approved for purchase through the E-Rate program, and can offer E-Rate funding discounts to ease budgetary constraints. Our K-12 industry experts can help you navigate this process every step of the way.

K-12 Education Network Integration Solutions

Campus Backbone

In addition to the general benefits of open networking, including efficient scalability and network resiliency, the incorporation of passive CWDM in this solution can remedy fiber scarcity issues between buildings by reducing the need for outside plant fiber. This switch link aggregation also provides high-availability connectivity between any two locations across the campus. Includes 10G Open Networking Switches with a network operating system from Pica8®, CWDM Passive Mux/Demuxes, and SFP+ CWDM transceivers.
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Fabric Expansion

This simple spine-and-leaf fabric can be easily integrated into existing campus data centers as a first step toward open networking. It is a cost-effective, high-performance expansion or upgrade that can pave the way for future SDN/NFV integration. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, plus optics and DACs.

Point-to-Point Passive DWDM

Expanding bandwidth between schools and other facilities without investing in additional fiber. Minimizing operational costs while maintaining error-free transmission over many years. These are just some of the reasons solutions like this built on passive filters is trusted in college and university networks across the country. Includes passive DWDM filters and optics.
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PoE Virtual Stacking

Power your VoIP phones, security cameras, and other connected devices within your school district via our Open Network Switches, which can be virtually stacked to manage everything over 1 IP address and up to 192 devices.
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K-12 Education Success Stories

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Champion ONE provided single fiber optical transceivers not offered by their OEM at the time that were deployed through their existing ring network that connected each school, saving the district $25,000 per year…

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