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Managing the Workload

As a member of a lean data center team, you’re probably used to being pulled in many directions at once. When it’s time to turn up new services, you might get bogged down in a time-consuming manual process. Our open networking solutions feature native support for software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), which can enable automated provisioning. This will drastically reduce the time it takes to get up and running, and allow you to scale your network with resiliency.

Ensuring Reliability Where It Counts

Whether you specialize in enterprise hybrid cloud/colocation and disaster recovery, or you provide software as a service, your network is your business, and your customers demand reliable access. Our solutions are rigorously tested for performance to guarantee you’ll be ready when you’re needed.

Maximizing Your Budget

When you’re tasked with scaling your data center infrastructure quickly and delivering reliable service, these can feel mutually exclusive without a limitless budget. Open networking solutions, built on hardware standards and open-source software, cost far less than comparable “closed” (proprietary) solutions, and their simplicity and efficiency reduce operational expenses long after deployment.

Data Center Connectivity and Integration Solutions

DC Interconnect #1: Open Line System

This fiber-conserving point-to-point solution combines either 8 or 40 channels of 100G transmission onto a single pair of fibers, up to 120km in reach. The open line system’s zero-touch provisioning enables the solution to turn up in under 5 minutes for ease of deployment. Includes software from IP Infusion and 100G PAM4 optics.
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CORD Solution

The Central Office Re-Architectured as a Data Center (CORD) networking model has attracted many service providers due to its flexibility and control advantages. This solution, built around a cost-effective spine-and-leaf fabric, offers great control and programmability for SDN/NFV integration. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, 100G QSFP28 optics, and direct-attach cables.

Fabric Expansion

Starter Version
This simple spine-and-leaf fabric can be easily integrated into existing data center networks of school districts, municipal governments, and campuses (enterprise, health care, or higher education) as a first step toward open networking. It is a cost-effective, high-performance expansion or upgrade that can pave the way for future SDN/NFV integration. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, plus optics and DACs.

DC Interconnect #2: Coherent Switch

This solution, built around our 100G Coherent Switch, offers unparalleled point-to-multipoint flexibility in a fiber-rich environment. This solution offers 8 connections up to 2000km in reach. Includes software from IP Infusion and CFP2 DCO optics.

DevOps Solution

IT DevOps teams need a flexible, highly programmable environment as a test bed for codes and operations on network automation, Netflow, SDN, network overlay. This solution also enables them to build mini-virtualized networks to test codes for operation orchestration and mini-SDN to test codes for Netconfig/YANG models. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, plus optics and DACs.
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Fabric Expansion

High-Performance Version
This solution provides all the benefits of the starter Fabric Expansion solution, but greatly expands capacity with a 100G spine and 100G leaves provisioned for 4x25G transmission. Includes Linux-based software from Cumulus Networks, 100G QSFP28 optics, and DACs or breakout cables.

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