This is Why We’re Here

For most of us, recent events have profoundly changed how we live and work. Networks have become even more critical to our workdays, our entertainment, and even our interactions with friends and family. What once might have been a distraction or escape from day-to-day life is now the sole portal to some sort of productive normalcy— and in some ways, maintaining our collective sanity amid uncertainty.

Under these circumstances, keeping our customers’ networks up and running reliably and efficiently is an essential task, one we take our modest role in very seriously. So to all our customers, we can confidently say, yes…

Champion ONE We are still open

Our ability to be there for you is largely due to a small, dedicated crew whose equal commitments to safety and continued operational excellence make them true Champions. These are the Essential Employees. 

On behalf of all of us at Champion ONE, we thank you for keeping calm, carrying on, and keeping networks (and each other) safe and healthy.