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Champion ONE Partner Program

Champion ONE is inviting channel partners of all sizes and business models to join us in our mission to deliver standards-based open networking solutions to all network operators, providing unparalled performance, flexibility, and economic value.

Champion-Level Performance

Champion ONE optical solutions are based on open standards, and offer equal (or often superior) performance to their OEM counterpoints at drastically lower prices.

Transparency and Trust

Like our own end customers, we believe our channel partners deserve the same unwavering commitment to their success.

Strategic Support for Any Business Model

No matter what business model you follow or what industries you serve, Champion ONE can complement and enhance your value proposition.

Channel ONE Partner Tiers

The Channel ONE Advisor program features three tiers to suit your organization’s needs and capabilities. When you join Channel ONE as an Advisor, you will receive the following benefits:


Channel ONE Launches

The Director of Channel ONE shares his experience in the technology partner world, and what makes our new Channel ONE program unique.

Channel ONE 2019 in Review

Channel ONE Director Wade Wiant reflects on 2019 and his experience building this program from the ground up, as well as a bit about his vision for the years to come.

Midwest Airport Employs C1 OLS

Midwest airport deploys Channel ONE's Open Line System to improve capacity over just one pair of fibers.

Bandwidth Delivered to Regional Provider

Channel ONE delivered on a time crunch phase 1 of a complete, end-to-end turnkey solution built around four 10G Open Network Switches.

Channel ONE Valued Partners

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