Champion ONE Delivers Much-Needed Bandwidth to Regional Data Services Provider… Fast!

Rapid delivery of an end-to-end solution

1.92 Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth added


A data services provider in the Southeastern United States was faced with a serious time crunch. They needed to deploy greenfield services for one of their long-time customers by the end of November. With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, they were struggling to source all of their equipment in time.


For Phase 1 of this project, Champion ONE delivered a complete, end-to-end turnkey solution built around four 10G Open Network Switches with 100G uplinks, powered by a network operating system from IP Infusion. These switches were complemented by a suite of 8 channel DWDM mux/demuxes, and a full range of both tunable and fixed-channel optics.


Despite a challenging deadline, this services provider was immediately impressed with Champion ONE’s rapid response. Every Phase 1 component arrived on time, and the services provider was able to turn up their new customer very quickly.

Champion ONE’s high-performance switches introduced up to 1.92 Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth over fiber links across a 40km span.

Champion ONE has become a trusted network solutions partner for the service provider, working closely with their engineering team to optimize the design for Phase 2, a full MPLS fiber ring.

“Wow. Everyone — from engineering to order processing — at Champion ONE has been amazing to work with, and really helped us out of a tough position. Service has been fantastic.
You guys ROCK!”