Effingham County Enhances Education by Partnering with Champion ONE

bi-di transceivers

$25K savings
per year

50% reduction in
leased fiber


​For years, Effingham County School District in southeastern Georgia prided itself on being a technologically-advanced district. To support its 14 schools, it leased 52 miles of fiber from a local telephone co-op. However, an economic downturn in both state and local revenues led to budget cuts that imperiled their ability to maintain necessary bandwidth for their education offerings.


Champion ONE provided 11 pairs of open standards-based single fiber optical transceivers, a product that was not offered by their network OEM at that time. These were deployed throughout their existing ring network topology that connected one school to the next.


Champion ONE’s solution reduced Effingham County’s leased fiber costs by 50%, saving the district $25,000 per year. These substantial savings enabled the school to maintain the advanced technology in their classrooms through adverse economic conditions, and the recurring nature of the savings will leave room in the budget for continual technological advancement in years to come.
“The Champion ONE solution has allowed us to continue to provide the robust network our educational programs require and the cost savings are phenomenal.”
Jeff Lariscy
System Engineer