Champion ONE Keeps University on Schedule with Expertise, Organizational Agility



A university in a mid-size Midwestern city awarded Champion ONE their 10G, 40G, and 100G optical transceiver business from an RFP issued as part of a network upgrade. Months later, when they were finally ready to deploy their new network equipment, they experienced a connectivity challenge. With a maintenance window fast approaching, they were concerned they would not be able to issue a new purchase order in time to stay on schedule.


Once informed of the network challenge, Champion ONE’s Engineering Support Team quickly identified the problem: despite supporting the same distances and data rates, the interfaces of SR4 and SR10 optics are incompatible. Champion ONE provided two options: SR4 to SR4, or LR4 to LR4. The university chose the latter option.

To solve their maintenance window dilemma, Champion ONE quickly authorized a 30-day evaluation to get the needed products in the university’s hands immediately before the maintenance window that weekend. The university was then able to return the unused product and issue a purchase order without compromising their standard process or delaying deployment.


Champion ONE’s deep domain expertise in optical transceivers made troubleshooting the university’s challenge quick and painless. C1’s customer-first mindset and organizational agility meant finding a creative solution that accommodated the customer’s unique needs and situation, making C1 a trusted partner who is easy to do business with.
“I just wanted to extend my appreciation for scrambling to identify the problem and bring us the optics we needed – we really appreciate that!”