Champion ONE Helps Keep Southern California Traffic Safe

40 traffic cameras

65% savings over
OEM products

Zero compatibility issues
Cisco platform


The network administrator for a mid-size city in Southern California was preparing to install a series of traffic cameras around the city, all feeding into a Cisco 9500 series switch. Seeking the cost-saving benefits of third-party optics, he purchased a pair of “Cisco-compatible” bi-di optics from an online retailer. These transceivers were plagued by compatibility issues and therefore did not function as intended.


Champion ONE provided a pair of SFP+ single fiber (bi-di) transceivers programmed for Cisco compatibility for a no-obligation evaluation. When they worked perfectly, the network administrator ordered 4 more pairs immediately to complete his project.


Champion ONE’s high performance and seamless compatibility with OEM equipment enabled this California city to save approximately 65% over the comparable OEM offering. The single fiber (bi-di) transceivers themselves satisfied the city’s fiber constraints. Moving forward, the network administrator’s confidence in Champion ONE performance will enable him to install 30 more cameras around his city, all powered by Champion ONE.