Champion ONE’s Performance, Logistics Expertise Help Large Service Provider Save in Multiple Ways

60% cost savings

100% compatibility rate

500 estimated new links per month


A large US service provider was under considerable pressure to reduce capital and operating expenses for a large deployment in their edge network. They identified open standards-based optics as the easiest way to reduce these costs, but wanted to take their savings a step further by eliminating the cost of carrying spare parts inventory as well.


This service provider elected to partner with Champion ONE to provide optical transceivers for use with Ciena network equipment. In addition to simply providing the product, Champion ONE also acted as their logistics partner. C1 and the service provider developed a collaborative forecast, for which Champion ONE would manage the service provider’s inventory and ship the parts directly to the field for immediate deployment.


From the outset, the service provider saved over 60% by using Champion ONE optics in their OEM equipment. Moreover, Champion ONE’s commitment to quality and programming expertise have resulted in a 100% compatibility rate. Additionally, by shipping directly to field deployment locations, Champion ONE provides much-needed operational simplicity that accelerates time to revenue for the service provider.