WDM technology can help network operators overcome fiber shortage challenges. This video explores DWDM, one of the two types of WDM technology that can help you expand bandwidth without expanding your fiber plant.

DWDM stands for dense wavelength division multiplexing. As its full name suggests, DWDM offers more channels than coarse WDM, or CWDM… a lot more.


Even though the DWDM spectrum is only a couple dozen nanometers wide, it can squeeze in well over 40 channels:

100GHz DWDM channel grid, from ch. 20 to 61.

The advantage to DWDM is it can give you a lot of room to grow. Even if you’re only going to light, say, 4 channels today, your mux/demux could hold an additional 4, 12, 36, or even more channels for future capacity. And at the rate your network is growing, you’ll be lighting those channels sooner than you think…

DWDM is also more effective over longer distances, sometimes up to hundreds of kilometers with amplification and dispersion compensation.

To get started on your DWDM journey, schedule a preliminary consultation with our experts to identify the right solution for your network.

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