WDM technology can help network operators overcome fiber shortage challenges. This video explores CWDM, one of the two types of WDM technology that can help you expand bandwidth without expanding your fiber plant.

CWDM stands for coarse wavelength division multiplexing. The full CWDM spectrum stretches from 1270nm to 1610nm, with a new channel every 20nm. However, due to physical characteristics of fiber optic cables, the lower CWDM range can be limited in some applications. Therefore, you’re often better off using the 8 channels between 1470 to 1610nm.

The advantage to CWDM is it is frequently the less expensive WDM option. Therefore, it is also incredibly cost-effective if all you will need to add is 8 new links. However, if you think you might need to expand beyond that, considering DWDM may be more effective.

To get started on your CWDM journey, schedule a preliminary consultation with our experts to identify the right solution for your network.

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