The Potential Nightmare of Adding Fiber to Your Campus Network

When you’re experiencing fiber constraints, the fairly intuitive approach would be to add additional fiber. However, even when this is feasible, it isn’t always ideal. Today, we take a look at some of the consequences of this potentially costly fix, and the most viable alternative.

Do you REALLY need to add more fiber?

 Say you’re an urban campus facing bandwidth constraints for your network. You’re thinking about investing in adding additional fiber around campus, but are you ready for…

…Wasting hours in planning meetings

In addition to getting everyone on campus on board with the scope of the project, you have to get city approval because part of the necessary fiber path goes under municipal land you’ve leased. And then you have to solicit contracting bids…

…Inconveniencing your “customers”

As usual, the contractor who won the bid is running way behind schedule, so a prime parking lot is still torn up at the start of the school year. This means tenured professors have to park ALL the way over in the student lot, and the students have to fight for what’s left… No one is pleased with you right now… 

…Draining your budget
After the contractor (finally) finished, and all of your fiber is installed, you no longer have any additional budget for any of the other improvements and upgrades you’d already postponed from last year…

…Or you could invest in WDM.

CWDM or DWDM passives help you add bandwidth, conserve fiber, and still have plenty of room to grow your network in the future!

When adding additional fiber is truly a nightmare, passive WDM solutions can be a reliable, cost-effective alternative. Contact us today to learn more.

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