The Champion ONE Difference: Procurement Flexibility

The Champion ONE Difference: Procurement Flexibility

Ensuring consistent product availability and managing lead times can be the most daunting task for any procurement professional. At Champion ONE, we’re focused on solving this problem for you. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high on-time delivery rate (in excess of 98% in 2018!). This article explains the steps we take to simplify the procurement process.

Champion ONE builds its inventory by analyzing our customers’ ordering trends over multiple historical periods (including rolling 30-day, 90-day, and 1-year averages). This approach helps to guarantee steady availability and minimize lead times. Additionally, Champion ONE also works proactively to understand future demand. Our account management teams engage the engineering teams at our customers to learn about upcoming projects that may impact inventory requirements, thereby developing a collaborative forecast that facilitates strategic inventory planning.

Our global supply chain team also works tirelessly to ensure continuity of supply. We work with our contract manufacturing partners across multiple countries to mitigate country-specific risk. From our customers’ perspective, this not only removes risk from their supply chain but also works to keep prices and lead times low.

We view our contract manufacturing partners as just that: true partners. Instead of finding the lowest bidder for one-off needs, we strive to build lasting relationships with all our manufacturing partners. Part of getting to know these partners involves regularly-scheduled factory visits that include a full quality assurance audit to ensure best-in-class production continues at all facilities.

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