Part 2: Champion ONE Addresses Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Part 2: Champion ONE addresses tariffs on Chinese goods

The Section 301 Committee is still set to convene on August 30th to hear rebuttal arguments regarding proposed tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, including transceivers and other optical networking products. While no decisive action has been taken in the last two weeks, negotiations continue in an attempt to avert the mutual imposition of high tariffs.

On August 23rd, the US Trade Representative’s office announced the implementation of a new tranche of 25% tariffs, affecting $16 billion worth of Chinese goods. China has responded in kind with their own tariffs on an equivalent amount of American goods. The Chinese goods covered by this tranche include optical fiber and its connectors, but not optical transceivers or other networking equipment.

Optical transceivers and other networking
equipment are not included in the newest round of
25% tariffs on Chinese goods.

These tariffs have been enacted despite assurances from both sides that there would be no new tariffs imposed as the fourth round of negotiations continues between a Chinese vice-ministerial delegation and their American counterparts.

Champion ONE is closely monitoring the situation and is prepared to react as needed for future developments. Be sure to check back here for frequent updates.

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