COMING SOON: MicroPlug OLT Transceiver Powered by Tibit

Champion ONE is partnering with Tibit Communications to deliver a scalable, cost-effective solution for 10G EPON or XGS-PON access deployments.

Champion ONE MicroPlug OLT SFP+ Transceiver powered by Tibit Communications

This revolutionary transceiver packs full PON OLT functionality into a compact SFP+ transceiver that can be deployed in a new or existing 10G Ethernet switch, thereby eliminating the need for a PON-specific OLT chassis. This can reduce deployment costs by up to 60%, as well as ongoing operating costs through decreased central office power costs and footprint.

Furthermore, it enables you to scale your PON network cost-effectively, as turning up new PON services is as simple as populating another Ethernet switch port with another OLT MicoPlug. This solution can also be integrated with other SDN/NFV solutions as well for increased management simplicity.

These OLT transceivers are paired with ONU transceivers, which are compatible with a wide range of leading ONU equipment.  

Stay tuned for more information on this solution, or contact us today to discuss evaluations.

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