Increase Operational Efficiency By Partnering with Champion One

Increase Operational Efficiency By Partnering with Champion ONE

Open standards-based optical transceivers from Champion ONE can do more than just save your costs. Our products can also alleviate common operational challenges as well.

Running a large network, particularly one that has grown through acquisition, can be a logistical nightmare. Attempting to integrate disparate network platforms can present an unappealing dilemma: either replace fully-functional equipment to standardize on one network platform or manage a spare parts inventory for up to dozens of platforms. The former is time- and cost-prohibitive, and the latter means a higher cost of carrying inventory and headaches for field techs who must physically maintain the inventory.

Champion ONE’s Passport™ line of universal transceivers can help. Since these transceivers are designed for interoperability across dozens of platforms, they can drastically reduce the number of SKUs you need to stock. For example, when one of the largest national telecommunications providers came to us with a list of nearly 600 OEM parts across multiple platforms, we were able to fulfill their requirements using fewer than 250 SKUs – a 57% reduction!

“We were able to replace nearly 600 OEM SKUs with fewer than 250 Champion ONE SKUs… a 57% reduction!”

Using universal transceivers to reduce SKUs can benefit both operations and procurement teams. On the operational side, it can also shorten outage restoration time by improving the chances of having the correct transceiver on hand when an outage occurs. At the same time, procurement teams have less than half the number of SKUs to track, forecast, and order.

Ready to see how Champion ONE can make your network even more efficient? Contact us today!

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