How to Order the Exact Fiber Cable You Need

You may use them every day, but how often do you really think about them?

Fiber jumpers are a small yet critical part of your network infrastructure. Since joining forces with Approved Networks, we are now able to apply our rigorous commitment to quality to these simple links as well, and provide a complete connectivity solution for your data center, wiring closet, central office, and more.

In addition to quality, we also offer a high degree of customization. In this article, we walk through some of the key options available to you, to help ensure you get the exact cable you need to make the perfect connection.

Connector and Polish

Champion ONE offers dozens of connector options, from legacy options like ST and FC connectors, to several variations of MTP/MPO connectors for higher data rate applications. Many of these connectors are available with either UPC or APC polish.

Polish options: PC, UPC, APC
Connector options: ST, FC, SC, Mini LC, LC, LC uniboot, MTP/MPO

Fiber Type

You can select either single mode or multimode fiber, depending on your application. The primary type for single mode fiber is OS2, and the following multimode fiber types are available:

Maximum distances of different types of multimode fiber at different data rates.

Jacket Type (Flame Rating)

Depending on the environment in which your cables will be installed, you may need to specify flame rating. Riser rated cables are designed not to transmit flame from one floor to another, while plenum rated cables are flame-resistant and have reduced smoke-generating properties. Plenum rated cables are recommended for air handling ducts and chambers without the use of a fireproof conduit. For areas with extremely limited ventilation, we recommend Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables. For harsher environments, we offer armored options for riser, plenum, and LSZH rated cables.


Champion ONE can provide cables in any length, in meters or feet, in whole or half increments.


By default, our fiber cables come in the industry-standard colors that denote their fiber type, according to the chart below:

Standard colors for each fiber type (SMF and MMF)

However, we can also customize your cables, with up to 12 options available.


Customers can customize how cables are labeled. While standard labels include Champion ONE’s logo and part number, customers can have their logo placed on the product and bag labels instead. Cable bags can include rack/switch information as well to facilitate data center deployment.

Ready to order some cables? You can download, complete, and submit our order form here. For additional cabling questions, please contact us today.

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