How Champion ONE Can Help Public Utilities (Part 2)

How Champion ONE can Help Public Utilities (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed the importance of using carrier-grade products to support the critical applications performed by SCADA systems of public utilities. This week, we’ll explore two fiber plant scenarios that are common among utility networks and ways to optimize your network in each case.

If you’re fiber-rich…

Maybe you’ve recently had the resources to make a large investment in laying new fiber in anticipation of future bandwidth needs. That’s great! However, until your actual requirements catch up, you may be left with a glut of fiber, unused and unlit. If this is the case, you may want to consider leasing some of your dark fiber to other municipal agencies or local businesses. Leasing fiber will enable you to set up an additional recurring revenue stream that over time, can offset some (or all) of the capital expenditure of laying fiber.

If you’re fiber-constrained…

More commonly, we see public utilities facing some degree of fiber constraints. Their bandwidth needs are rapidly outpacing available fiber. Fortunately, Champion ONE has solutions that can help.

The simplest of these is replacing your dual fiber optical transceivers with single fiber (bi-di) transceivers. These transceivers offer full-duplex 1G or 10G data transmission over a single strand of fiber up to 120km. This will enable you to effectively double your fiber plant with minimal capital investment.

For more serious fiber constraints, WDM passives can provide much greater bandwidth expansion. These simple, reliable products can help you add up to 40 new links, and can be deployed in a variety of architectures depending on your network geography. Furthermore, their simple operation precludes them from becoming a security risk.

If you’re ready to explore these bandwidth-expanding solutions, contact us today.

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