Health Care Network Security: An Open Network Approach

Health care network security, an open network approach

Network security is consistently among the biggest concerns we hear about from the health care industry. While it may seem counterintuitive at first, open network solutions are capable of providing equal (if not superior) network security to that of proprietary closed systems. In this article, we examine how a solution powered by one of our software partners can help keep your network safe.

How It Works

This network security solution offers the following essential features:

Network Segmentation

One of the most effective methods of containing a cyberattack is segmentation. Effective segmentation reduce cyberattack surfaces and prevents lateral movement and data exfiltration. It eliminates the risk of a total network takedown by restricting lateral paths to other parts of the network after infiltration. By slicing the network to reduce access among users, applications, traffic, and resources, you are reducing cyberattack surfaces… they can’t attack what they can’t see!

Distributed Policy

A perfect instance of the “distributed environment, managed as one” principle that provides operational efficiency and simplicity in all aspects of this solution. You can define network policies centrally, while enforcing and distributing them throughout the entire network.

Active Service Insertion

Instead of managing multiple firewalls at individual boxes in your entire network, this solution’s service insertion capabilities allow you to transparently interconnect and share a third-party security tools like firewalls throughout the entire network. The service insertion feature can reduce service deployment time from days to minutes.

Pervasive Visibility

Embedded telemetry generates metadata at wire speed without the need for additional equipment. This capability provides real-time operational intelligence on your networks, allowing rapid response and early warning. The feature enables the solution to serve as a perfect alternative to a network packet broker.

How to Deploy

This network solution can be deployed with our open network switches as part of the aggregation layer on your health care campus. To discuss this solution further, contact us today.

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