Delivering Carrier-Grade Quality to Public Utilities

Delivering carrier-grade quality to public utilities

When you’re delivering critical services like water or electric power to thousands (or millions) of customers, failure is not an option for the network supporting your SCADA system. In these applications, staying ahead of fiber constraints is critical as your customer base grows. Champion ONE is here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss necessary attributes for a reliable optical network solutions partner.

Carrier-Grade Quality

The transceivers you deploy in your fiber network must work under any conditions. This level of reliability is frequently referred to as “carrier-grade.” The table below illustrates the differences between a provider of carrier-grade parts and less reliable “enterprise-grade” parts.

The high-reliability components translate to high mean times between failure (MTBF), a measure of superior network reliability. Expertise in EEPROM programming is the key to compatibility, either to a single platform or across dozens of platforms. Many carrier-grade transceivers are also temperature-hardened for use in extreme environments.

Excellence in all of these areas is made possible due to rigorous internal testing processes, performed at both global manufacturing sites and at the operations center at our headquarters. This commitment to performance has earned us a place lighting over a million fiber miles throughout health care networks, core telecom networks, and other mission-critical applications.

Check back next week for part 2 of this article, which examines some strategies for optimizing your fiber plant, whether you’re fiber-rich or fiber-constrained.

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