COMING SOON: CFP2 DCO Coherent Optical Transceivers

Coming soon: cfp2 DCO coherent optical transceivers

We’re excited to announce the imminent release of CFP2 DCO coherent transceivers!

Champion ONE’s CFP2 DCO (digital coherent optic) is ideal for 100G or 200G transmission for line-side trunk DWDM data center interconnects, metro carrier, and regional/long-haul applications.

Coherent technology offers significant improvements in both data rate and distance. Most traditional 100G transceivers use NRZ (non-return-to-zero) modulation, a simple binary scheme based around intensity modulation of light. Since the maximum data rate of this scheme is limited to 25G, it requires 4 wavelength lanes to produce an aggregate 100G transmission. The rated distance is also limited to around 40km. Coherent technology improves upon this by using more complex light modulation schemes that use one lane to reach much longer distances. Specifically, our DCO optics offer multiple modulation schemes that enable 100G transmission up to 2000km, and 200G transmission up to 800km! The correct modulation scheme for each application is soft-selected within the switch.

Unlike analog coherent optics (ACO), Champion ONE’s DCO CFP2 makes deployment easier by including the digital signal processor (DSP) chip on the optic itself, instead of on the switch line card. This improves network flexibility by enabling the transceiver’s use across all platforms with the CFP2 interface and decreases the complexity of tuning required. Switches are able to simply tune the transceiver to any channel on the ITU DWDM grid (50GHz spacing).

Stay tuned for further updates as our XGS-PON transceivers are scheduled to launch in March 2019.

Want to stay in the know? We’ll keep you posted on launch details and how to receive a complimentary evaluation.

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