Coming Soon: 40G/100G DemarQ Media Converter / Demarcation Point

Champion ONE is excited to preview our new solution for 40G/100G services… the DemarQ:

Champion ONE's 40G / 100G DemarQ
Champion ONE’s 40G / 100G DemarQ

This compact, versatile device can operate as a 40G/100G media converter with enhanced features, a demarcation device at the customer premise for transport applications, and more. It can be deployed as a standalone device, or beside a 2-channel mux for additional management functionality.

Specific applications include:

  • A point-to-point 100G connection with out-of-band management using a separate optical wavelength on the same fiber for health care, enterprise, financial institution, education, and other networks
  • A 40G or 100G carrier-class customer demarcation point device that supports loopback functionality and remote management for a fraction of the cost of a router or traditional NID, with low power consumption and small footprint (1/2RU with a cantilever side bracket)
  • A 40G/100G overlay for existing passive WDM architecture, which will enable you to add a new service where dark fiber is not available
  • A regen point to extend the reach of legacy 100G switches that lack the power to support longer-reach 100G transceivers when a switch upgrade is not cost-effective

This powerful device will be available in early Q4 2020. If you would like more information, or would be interested in an eval unit, please contact Champion ONE today.

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