Champion ONE: A Safe, Reliable Solution for Health Care

Champion ONE: A Safe, Reliable Solution for Health Care

For over a decade, Champion ONE has served large regional and national health care and hospital systems, addressing the challenge of adding bandwidth under fiber and budget constraints. Our high-performance optical transceivers meet (or exceed) the performance of OEM transceivers, and their deployment will not affect the warranty or support you receive from your platform OEM. Champion ONE provides full support for our products and has a long history of working with network OEMs to put the customer first and provide timely, thorough resolution to any network issue.

Additionally, large health care systems have achieved the following benefits from partnering with Champion ONE:

Reliability. Martin Health deployed a Champion ONE passive DWDM solution to add bandwidth between two hospitals. In three years of continuous use, there have been zero errors or issues.

Cross-Platform Compatibility. For hospitals that are growing into large regional health care systems through acquisition, it can be a real headache for the IT department to integrate different platforms and systems. When a large Midwest hospital went through this, Champion ONE was able to fulfill all their network needs in an integration-driven network upgrade.

Cost Savings. Saving money doesn’t have to mean jeopardizing quality. Champion ONE transceivers enabled another hospital to upgrade their network to improve their electronic patient records system and save $300,000 in the process.

Ready to see what Champion ONE can do for your health care system? Contact us today.

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