An Open Network Solution for Lab Automation

Test labs are often faced with a unique challenge: remain a powerful center of innovation, while reducing time and cost from the testing process. Fortunately, Champion ONE now offers an innovative solution powered by Pluribus Networks that employs the latest software-defined networking (SDN) technology to help labs become more automated, dynamic, and efficient. This article highlights some of the key benefits and capabilities of this solution.

The VirtualWire Lab Automation open network solution, powered by Pluribus Networks
The VirtualWire Lab Automation solution, powered by Pluribus Networks

Simplified Configurations

One of the biggest impediments to accelerating the testing process is delays due to re-cable due to changes in the test configuration. This can take add days to the schedule, and leave costly test equipment underutilized due to inaccessibility.

However, with this solution, you can cable once, and automate everything. This is due to the solution’s extensive programmability and user-accessible APIs, which enables  lab operators to rapidly build new configurations in minutes, and share test equipment across multiple test setups.

The Open Network Advantage

This software solution can run on open network switches, which, much like open standards-based optical transceivers, deliver high-performance switching at a fraction of the cost of proprietary (closed) systems. Additionally, the higher port density of our open network switches saves valuable space and reduces the cost per connection.

Distributed, Scalable Architecture

The solution’s scalability goes beyond the individual hardware. By employing SDN capabilities, lab operators can build a distributed fabric that collectively operates as a single switch. This makes configurations flexible and quickly scalable up to 4000 ports on one virtual switch! This fabric can be further stretched over geographically distributed labs over any existing network.

To learn more about our solution, download this solution overview, or contact us today.

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